The Woodlands and Houston Area Residents Prepare For Sprinkler System Freeze Damage

As winter temperatures drop around the state of Texas, home owners must be wary of something that effects the everyone when it gets below freezing – Sprinkler system freeze damage. It can happen in an instant. One day the Texas weather is nice and warm and overnight the temperatures can plummet into the 20’s and 30’s. When this happens, damage can quickly occur in your sprinkler systems that can be very costly. Pipes break, sprinkler heads cracking, and other damage can be a real headache, but there is a way to prevent that from happening. Houston based sprinkler repair specialist, JB Irrigation, has developed a sprinkler system winterization program that … Continued

Best Houston Divorce Attorneys

Divorce is a very stressful time and you want to have council that you can trust to handle these sensitive matters professionally and with great care. According to the Business Insider, Houston has a divorce rate of 8.5% for men, and 11.4% for women. You’ll want to work with the best Houston divorce attorney whenever you possibly can.

Who needs estate planning?

Countless people make the mistake of believing they don’t need an estate plan. After all, only the extremely wealthy have an “estate”… right? You might be surprised to learn that you have an estate—at least you do if you have: investments, a house, a car, or a savings account. Don’t have any of those? How about personal possessions? If you have clothes on your back, you have an estate. We all want to know that our wealth—whether that’s an investment account or a beloved collection of dog-eared books—will go to the right people when we’re gone. At its most basic, that means having a will that tells your loved ones … Continued

Succession Planning for Your Family Business: Start Preparing Now!

Every owner of a closely-held family business wants to know the business will continue—even thrive—once they’re gone. A well run, well managed family business can provide for you and your loved ones long after you’ve stepped down from its operation. It can even support your family after you’re gone. Most owners I talk to expect that their business will continue long into the future. The reality, though, is less encouraging. According to the Family Business Institute, only 30% of family businesses survive into the second generation—most often due to a failure in the succession planning process on the part of the business owner.